Thursday, October 15, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me #8

I've always enjoyed making these, and people have told me they enjoy reading them. Here are 20 more random facts about that weird kid who runs this blog.

  1. My first "20 Random Facts About Me" piece was written four years ago.
  2. I have consistently released exactly two blog articles a month for an entire year.
  3. I occasionally volunteer at a local radio station.
  4. Joss Whedon is my favorite screenwriter.
  5. I've been watching far too many Joss Whedon projects as of late. (Yeah, right.)
  6. For the time being, I have a ridiculous amount of free time in my life.
  7. I once watched fourteen 43-minute television episodes in one day.
  8. I'm double-jointed! (Such an exciting fact!)
  9. I've finally started getting back into graphic novels.
  10. My favorite instruments are piano and cello.
  11. I now own over 60 physical soundtracks.
  12. I now own over 300 digital soundtracks.
  13. I own way too much music.
  14. My favorite soundtrack composer is still Murray Gold.
  15. My favorite video game soundtracks are Kid Icarus: Uprising and Nier.
  16. Believe it or not, I do listen to music that's not from soundtracks. A lot, actually.
  17. I kinda miss the days when people would leave comments on my blog.
  18. I adore Cœur de pirate.
  19. I'm typing this piece at 2:30 a.m. and I should probably go to bed.
  20. I love my friends more than anything.

There you have it. I hope you were entertained. Now if you'll excuse me, I've thought about myself enough for one night.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soundtrack of the Month: October 2015

Trine is the epitome of fantasy soundtracks. The story of the game is nothing particularly special—three unlikely heroes are magically bound together through a mysterious artifact and must save the kingdom from an undead army—but the combination of great characters, pleasurable gameplay, exotic environments, and gorgeously fitting music are what make this game the gem that it is.

Ari Pulkkinen scores this mystical masterpiece. From the first note the listener is captivated by this wonderful world of fantasy. Trine is one of the few soundtracks that I was actually interested in purchasing before I was even into soundtracks. It made that much of an impact on me. Few soundtracks can rival it in my eyes, with the prominent exception of its sequel.

This feature comes a little over a month after the release of the third game in the Trine series. Trine 3 has received a lot of flack for various different reasons, but the music is not one of them. Sound design remains exceptionally strong throughout the series. I have yet to play the new game myself, but whether I'm disappointed or pleasantly surprised by the experience, I'm certain I'll be purchasing the soundtrack very soon thereafter.

Featured Tracks

Track 2: Academy Hallways – The song that greets the player as they set out on their journey, after completing the tutorial level. It sounds like what it is—the start of an adventure.

Track 4: Dragon Graveyard – The piece that stood out to me the most when first playing the game, and to put it simply, my favorite track. A gorgeous piece.

Track 16: Tower of Sarek – I don't know who Sarek is (aside from an apparent Star Trek character), but his tower is the final level of the game.

Purchase Trine (Original Soundtrack), on AriTunes, iTunes, or Amazon MP3.
Or listen to it for free on Spotify or YouTube.