Monday, December 24, 2012

Ashes and the Wind

Ashes and the Wind
By Reuben Horst

Out of time
Surely defined
Gone with insanity

Who rejected whom
The bride or the groom
The question of infinity

How can you love me
When I cannot love you back
Life doesn't happen
Without ever a tack

The ashes and the wind
The mother and the twin
Forever in the end
May all be forgiven

The ashes and the wind
The beautiful, beautiful wind


This poem was originally published on An Einateinian Approach on May 26, 2012.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Announcement: Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

It's been a long time since Ted Dekker announced a new novel, and with the final installment of the Books of Mortals trilogy being the only remaining title in the release queue, an announcement has long been due.

The New York Times bestselling author has finally stepped out of his shell of secrecy and told us all what's been up: He's working on a brand new, 4-book series, published by Outlaw Studios, the first novel of which will be released this December. What's more, he's decided to give away the first novel, Identity, for free to anyone who wants it. Though it seems obvious that this offer is eBook-only, to be fair, it didn't specify.

For more information about the book and series, go here. That is also where you can request your own free copy of the novel.

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UPDATE: It appears I got some information wrong. Eyes Wide Open is the first book in the series (called the Outlaw Chronicles), and it's split into four parts. The first episode of Eyes Wide Open, called "Identity," is what is being given away.