Sunday, January 1, 2017

Soundtrack of the Month: January 2017

Happy 2017! I started this piece with the intention of it being a Soundtrack Feature, but as I was writing I realized I had enough content for a full Soundtrack of the Month piece. What does this mean? Is the series finally back in full? Well, we'll see. For now, enjoy the piece.

Doctor Strange is one of the most ambitious films of the current era in terms of visual effects. We're shown bizarre worlds and mind-blowing effects as the world is morphed and manipulated around the characters, showcasing some of the most impressive visuals in filmmaking history. Creating a musical backdrop for a film such as this was an ambitious feat, and Marvel was wise in selecting Michael Giacchino for this task.

Some may argue that the Marvel Cinematic Universe scores aren't as memorable that they should be, but I don't entirely agree. A lot of the films' music unquestionably invokes memorable feelings of awe and beauty, and Doctor Strange is certainly no exception. Giacchino's score fits in with the rest, yet also stands out as entirely unique. The main theme, exhibited in the credits track, is one of the best themes from a Marvel movie.

Featured Tracks

Track 3: A Long Strange Trip – A bizarre trip through space and imagination. I think God had a seizure.

Track 18: Go for Baroque – Michael Giacchino is known for incorporating puns into his track titles, when producers allow him to do so. He was able to sneak a few into this soundtrack.

Track 19: The Master of the Mystic End Credits – The full Doctor Strange theme, in all its creative and melodic glory.

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