Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Soundtrack Feature: Tick Tock Isle

Soundtrack of the Month: February 2016

Tick Tock Isle is a short but enjoyable indie game about a time-travelling clock repairman and how he accidentally influences the lives of a family over many years. It has charm and humor and, if you don't get too lost in the family's maze of a mansion, can be completed in around an hour and a half

The music is a melodic chiptune soundtrack by Irish composer Kevin Carville. It's full of personality and frequents a main theme heard throughout many tracks on the soundtrack. It's diverse enough to remain interesting and beautiful throughout the game, but it's also soft enough that you could fall asleep to it. In fact—I have! Overall, the music is as lovely as the game itself.

Featured Tracks

Track 1: Tick Tock Isle – The main theme of the game, heard multiple times throughout the soundtrack to accompany various different periods of time, seasons, and times of the day.

Track 12: Box Fort – Every so often, you'll come across a couple kids who've built a fort out of whatever they have lying around, be it boxes, sand or snow. Inside each fort is a short platforming level inspired a classic video game.

Track 32: Melody's Big Finale – Melody is a young girl, quite talented in musical instruments, but also quite bored and feeling uninspired. Throughout your adventure you'll find various instruments to give her, to try and spark her creativity.

Purchase the Tick Tock Isle soundtrack, or listen to it for free, on Bandcamp.
Be sure to check out the game itself on Steam.