Saturday, April 1, 2017

Soundtrack Feature: The Whispered World

Soundtrack of the Month: April 2017

The Whispered World is an incredibly flawed point-and-click adventure game that has a very special place in my heart. It's about a depressed clown named Sadwick and his caterpillar named Spot, as they set out on an adventure to prevent the world from ending.

Seeing as today is April Fool's Day, this soundtrack seems like an oddly fitting selection. The game's protagonist is the antithesis of a clown, who thinks of himself more as a joke than a creator of jokes and humor. He adds a darker dimension to an otherwise lighthearted and colorful fantasy world.

The music, composed by Finn Seliger, is surprisingly beautiful, covering all of the game's various themes. The sound is very unique, to the point that I frequently have difficulty distinguishing what instruments are used. There is for certain a very strong presence of piano and wind-based instruments, but they're used in a way I haven't often heard. It makes for a very unique soundtrack.

Another reason for the timing of this feature is in celebration of the semi-recent release of Silence, the sequel of The Whispered World. The two games are incredibly different, yet surprisingly very similar. The music of Silence has a more orchestral approach, and was composed by Tilo Alpermann.

Featured Tracks

Track 1: Main Theme – I adore this main theme, and I love that it was brought back for the game's sequel. I have a friend who learned to play it on piano, and suddenly I want to learn piano.

Track 2: A Sad Clown – Boy, this game is weird. This song frequently comes to mind when I'm asked about beautiful piano music.

Track 9: Asgilia – You are not in a very nice place. Not nice at all.

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