Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Step Away by Eric Wilson

Wow. I'm impressed.

I was given One Step Away by Eric Wilson at an event back in August. Focusing issues and other books needing to be read kept it away from me, but at long last it was the next item on my list. I was certainly not disappointed.
"A Modern Twist on One of the World's Oldest Tales." 
Bret and Sara Vreeland have been targeted. Someone has plans for them, a plot that reaches into their past and threatens their future. 
When one of Sara's patients dies, a mysterious old man, he leaves his fortune to her and her family. They have no idea they are part of an experiment. Satan once tested Job through trials, but failed to break him. Now Satan has sought God's permission to test the Vreelands with a $6,000,000 blessing. 
As their lives take turn for the better, will their souls take a turn for the worse?
The book description implies that One Step Away is of preachy nature, but I assure you, it is not. I'd say it could fit in the "drama" genre, but that in no way hinders this amazing tale. It definitely has its share of thrills and chases.

One Step Away is not the kind of story that grips me, draws me in and doesn't let go. This would normally be a bad thing, but the novel is filled to the brim with clever and humorous bits of wording that it is more than made up for. I was impressed at the author's writing ability, and numerous lines of dialogue gained my respect of him many times over.

The story isn't an explosion of awesomeness that left you sitting on the edge of your seat, but rather something to lay back and relax while reading. I may have many books in the near future that I'll be on deadline to read and review, but as the next on my list has not yet arrived, I saw no need to speed through this one. I took my time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters are fun, especially when you get to know them, and their adventure, if you could call it that, is one of the best stories I have read in quite a while.

In conclusion, this book is amazing. I was wowed by it. I took it at slow pace, but you in no means need to do the same. Eric Wilson is an extremely talented writer, deserving a lot more publicity than he has at present. If you have an upcoming weekend or two with nothing to do, I highly recommend you pick up this book.

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