Monday, June 17, 2013

An Update, Just 'Cause

Some people check my blog for personal updates. How boring.

So how am I? Well, life's been decent since school got out. Not much is really happening. I've been watching Doctor Who, re-reading Crater by Homer Hickam so I can read the sequel, and waiting for the next volume of Fullmetal Alchemist to come in at the library, even though I haven't even gotten around to ordering it yet. In addition, I just finished this game called Thomas Was Alone, which was brilliant for the most part, but the ending was definitely lacking.

[There was another paragraph here at one point in time, but it's gone. Rest in peace, paragraph.]

I've been playing around on piano/keyboard recently, as always. I'm not good enough to really play in front of anybody except my direct family, but it's something I do and this is a personal update, so I thought I'd mention it. Really, though, piano is my favorite instrument. Here's a random example why.

What's the point of making this post? I dunno. Some people like it.

So, you can take note of the following, friends and foes:
-Thursday Impressions pieces still come out every Thursday, even though I don't post them on Facebook.
-I try to get another blog post in each week, be it a review or some boring personal update (though it doesn't always happen).
-I still try to keep the Status page updated, for the most part.
-We might see more giveaways in the near future. Keep yer fingers crossed.

And thus ends the personal blog update thingy. You happy? Hopefully so. I'll see you 'round the block, unless you're not there.

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