Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Impressions: Glowfish

Glowfish is an underwater, side-scrolling adventure starring an aquatic creature named Glowfish.

The evil Dr. Urchin has no friends, so he goes and kidnaps all of Glowfish's friends, including his girlfriend Coralline! Glowfish sets out on an adventure to get his friends back—and he makes quite a few new ones along the way.

First off, this game's presentation is spectacular. The story segments are cool, and no doubt a lot of very hard work was put into them. The gameplay, while not entirely original, is fun and definitely enough to keep you going. While the music doesn't necessarily stand out, it's still really good, and it complements the entire atmosphere of the game.

Speaking of which—the visuals. Glowfish is full of beautiful environments that make you want to keep playing just so you can see the next one. In addition, there are many, many different kinds of creatures you can come across, including some friends that become full-time helpers. You can upgrade the abilities of these friends, and they help you a lot in your journey.

I spent an hour and twenty minutes with this game before telling myself that it was enough for my impressions piece, so I should stop. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with it.

Verdict: Keep playing.
I'm loving Glowfish so far, and while the previous games in this blog series weren't really my kind of game, this was. I'll keep playing, and perhaps even review it when I'm done.

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