Friday, July 22, 2011

The Blood Book

The Blood Book: Tales, Confessions and Rumors of the Worlds is a compilation of writings from various authors in Ted Dekker's fantasy universe in his mega-series, The Books of History Chronicles. This in-the-far-future world is mainly known as Other Earth, and the writings were compiled in-universe by Ba'al, the High Priest of Teeleh (Other Earth's version of Satan).

This book was a collaboration effort of Ted Dekker, Kevin Kaiser and Josh Olds. All three are followers of Christ and strong in their faith, though strongly oppose modern American Christianity. The writings of Thomas Hunter in this novel strongly suggests this, and many of Ted Dekker's other books plainly state it as well.

The Blood Book overall is amazing, though most entries are made by people who would fit only in the category of "evil". It contains writings from many characters, including Mustul, a warrior; Gushon, an alchemist; Thomas Hunter, a very great and wise man; Marsuuv, the queen of a bat-like race of creatures; and Lord Ba'al himself.

Many entries are about philosophy, while others are about the creatures and places of Other Earth and our modern-day world, called Ancient Earth. Though I know for a fact that the actual authors did not believe in the beliefs of their characters, Mustul, Gruson, Ba'al and Marsuuv all have twisted and evil points of views.

The Blood Book continues to expand the world of Other Earth, a bit like Cars 2 did to the cars world that it takes place in. I found it fascinating, and I also happen to be one of only about a thousand people who own it.

A great book and great idea, though possibly bad influence if taken the wrong way. I thought it was awesome, but I was taught well in my faith. You need to read many other books in the mega-series (I'd recommend reading all of them) before reading The Blood Book.

Reuben Horst


  1. Question: I saw on Ted Dekker's facebook that you had pdf copies of this book and Genesis. Was wondering if you were still willing to send them to me to read them. I know there was a big controversy about that on the facebook site... I'll even delete them after I read them if they make you feel better... but I hate that I'm missing out on a huge chunk of story because I couldn't buy multiple copies of the book when I can barely make rent. Let me know! (thanks!) my email addy is stevenandrewwhite at gmail dot com. ;D

  2. Hey Rueben, thanks for the review. Is there anyone you know that's selling a copy of the blood book? Or any way I could read the pdf version? Please let me know! my email: hphoffman on gmail thanks!

  3. I'm currently unable to find anywhere to buy this book in paper or electronic formats. If anyone has any luck finding it please let me know!

  4. Hey Nattles! I'm sorry, but The Blood Book is not for resale. It was available only through Ted Dekker's Share the Love campaign back in March-April 2011. However, if you would like, I can send the PDF version to you via email.

    1. Hello,
      If any of you have the pdf version and can send it I would be really thankfull too. Just like J. I couldnt get the book because I'm from Puerto Rico. And I'm really interested in the book. So if anyone can send it I'd be truly pleased. My mail is
      If you can send it to me, thanks. If you can't then Thanks anyway.

  5. Hello, Arkatox
    Would you pleased to send the PDF version of The Blood Book to me via mail?
    I couldn't get it through Ted's Share the Love campaign because i'm from Spain and... well, it wasn't possible.
    Please, thanks!
    My mail is javimarttos at gmail dot com