Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"Okay . . . so what exactly is going on?"

That's what I kept asking myself, and the rest of my family (probably to their annoyance), as I watched through Inception. It's true it is a complex movie, and I find it hard to understand complex things. There are many things I find hard to understand, and it's really starting to get under my skin, because I love complex things (as long as they're not boring).

This movie is like taking The Matrix . . . and making it more complex. A group of men—along with a woman—are assigned to find something out, and the only way to find this information is to get inside someone's head . . . or dreams.

The technology for being able to enter somebody's dreams has been around for quite a while, though it is considered top secret. What some people believe is not possible is a process called "inception". Inception is the idea of planting ideas in somebody else's brain, through their dreams. People say it's not possible, though this team needs it to execute their mission.

One man on this team, Dom Cobb, knows that Inception can be done, as he has experienced it before. This being known, the team enters the dreams of Robert Fischer, the heir to a business empire. Before long, the team is questing through several different dreams inside another, all to discover the code to a safe.

That doesn't sound complex, does it? Well, I've barely described the movie.

Inception is action-packed and, long story short, just plain awesome. The acting was great, along with the script and special effects. The film was directed by Chistopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight, and frankly, I enjoyed Inception far more than The Dark Knight.

The story was intriguing and complex, and shows that people can still make good original movies nowadays.

No movie is without flaw, though, and I have to say I completely hated the character Mal Cobb, who was Dom's wife. Even though she played a huge part in the film, it would have been much, much better without her.

Yes, I would recommend this movie. Go watch it!


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