Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 03 - Space Jellyfish

Indie Video Gaming Week, Day 03 - Game Review: Return to Sector 9

Welcome back! My apologies for this update being so late in the day, but I couldn't help it. Here are three reasons why this review is late:
  1. Today I got to watch live streaming of Nintendo's event at E3 2011.
  2. I got two awesome books in the mail that I wanted to read.
  3. A lot of the afternoon was spent playing the game I am reviewing.
Anyway . . .

Return to Sector 9 is one of the first arcade shooters I've ever played on PC (it was around the time that I actually got around to playing PC games), but this is not including crappy Atari games such as Asteroids or Space Invaders.

R2S9, as many people call it, was created primarily by indie developer Chris Roper (a.k.a. Pug Fugly Games), though he had a lot of help. The game is a compilation of nine very addicting arcade-style shooters, first and foremost of which has the title of the entire compilation, "Return to Sector 9".

There can unlock a total of 15 alternate ships (including the one you start with), each of which have several unlockable color schemes and a special weapon.

The games range from an ordinary space shooter (just destroy all of the ships that are coming towards you in waves), to playing as a nearly-extinct jellyfish trying to survive (in space!), to searching the boarders of this section of space known as Sector 9 for none other than solid gold. (Why is there gold floating around in space?)

I have always considered Return to Sector 9 a classic and a favorite, ever since I first played it. My brothers have epic records in all of the games, and I've done fairly decent myself. The addictive gameplay is intriguing, and I could seriously play this game for hours at a time (but don't worry, I do discipline myself).

So would I recommend it? Heck yes.

Download Return to Sector 9 for free from Chris Roper's Website

Farewell for now,
Reuben Horst

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