Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 02 - Invaded by the Tasen, Destroyed by the Komato

Indie Video Gaming Week, Day 02 - Game Review: Iji

I first played Iji probably a year ago, when I found out that not only was it the #1 freeware indie game of 2009, but it was also made by Daniel Remar, the chap who made Castle of Elite back in . . . some year I can't remember (I'm thinking 2004).

So what is it that makes this game so great? Well, Iji could have been any old unoriginal 2D platformer shooter (that was a long description), but it is indeed more than that. One thing that makes the game cool is that it took four years to make. How does that make something cool? Are you kidding me? Games that take a long time to make are always cool! Everyone knows that!

In the meantime, Iji is a very fun, complex game to play. The in-depth story is intriguing, and it also differs depending on choices that you make during the game. There are ten sectors, and that is enough, though the game is good enough that I wish there were more.

Iji is jam-packed with secrets, hidden collectibles, unlockables, et cetera, that add hours and hours of replay value. There are log-books everywhere in the game that add almost more backstory than necessary (though they are pretty darn cool). Upon that, fans have come up with dozens of storyline theories (warning, link contains spoilers) that are just plain cool.

I don't want to continue too much, in case I accidentally say something wrong, but I'll just go with this: play this game. You won't regret it.

Download Iji for free from Daniel Remar's Website

Until later,
Reuben Horst

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