Monday, May 30, 2011

Am I bad luck?

That's a question that popped into my mind earlier today as I was playing volleyball at the activity center gym at Menno Haven. Am I bad luck? Today is Memorial Day, but the Mennonite summer camp calls it Rally Day. We got to hang out with people we haven't seen in five years, eat a great meal prepared by a great cook, play group games and such, and so on.

That's how I came to be playing volleyball with some friends, and that's how the question was raised. I would consider myself to be the worst volleyball player on earth, but that doesn't mean the rest of my team shouldn't do as good, right?

Pretty much the only time I can hit the ball is when I serve, and even then I usually serve it too far, and it goes out. Whenever the ball was served right to me, I either ignored it and continued standing like a dummy, or went for it and either missed or pathetically hit it nowhere, scoring for the other team.

My team lost, so someone on the other team offered to switch with me. And then my new team lost, and the team I was on won. No matter what team I'm on, I seem to lose, and this doesn't only happen with volleyball. I can sense my teammates inwardly groaning and rolling their eyes towards me, wondering, "is he good at any sports?"

The simple answer is yes, I am a pretty decent soccer player. I also dominate at carpet ball, but that does not count, as it's not really a sport. This is completely beside the point, though. I suck at most sports, but no matter how good or bad anyone does, my team always seems to lose, no matter what sport we're playing. There's the rare occasion that we utterly destroy our opponents, but as I said, it is rare.

When the game was over and we were messing around for a minute or two before leaving, I picked up a ball and served it over the net, just to prove that I can in fact play volleyball... and it landed in the small space between the boundary and the wall of the gym. Out.

It's strange how one bad player can bring so much bad luck to an entire team.



  1. I've never seen you play volleyball, but I've read your blog (very cool) and watched you ham it up Saturday at the performance (made me laugh). I think you are creative and witty and I'm glad to know you. Hang in there.
    Julie Lassa

  2. You know, we're all gifted uniquely. God wants you to use the talents He's given you and excel at those. My guess is you're VERY good at MANY other things! :)

    As far as books go, I think we can agree to disagree. It's wonderful you like fiction. I truly find VERY beneficial books in non fiction, as I work to fill my mind with the things of God. If you're ever looking for a good nonfiction book . . . I can help you out there! :)