Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Interview with Charlie Dominici

Now here's something different. Or rather, someone different.

Charlie Dominici is probably best known as being one of the first vocalists for the progressive metal band Dream Theater, back in 1989. He left after their first album, and he quit the music industry for about fifteen years, before he was invited to help sing the encore at Dream Theater's 15th anniversary concert. That inspired him to get into music again, and in 2005 he wrote, performed (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) and published an album all by himself, called O3: A Trilogy, Part 1, in which a story is told. This obviously called for a sequel (two, actually, since it's a "trilogy"), and before too long he teamed up with a band named Solid Vision, and produced O3: A Trilogy, Part 2 and O3: A Trilogy, Part 3 in full progressive metal under the band name "Dominici".

O3 Part 3 was released in 2008, and the band has been silent since then. There is a chance that they could come back, though they'll most likely never make any more concept albums. For now I'll just say that O3 is an awesome story, and therefor Mr. Dominici is awesome. Speaking of which, I just recently interviewed him. Care to be entertained?


Reuben Horst: Knowing you, Charlie, I decided to stay clear of any questions involving our government or the economy. *grins*

Charlie Dominici: Thanks! We have a government and an economy?

RH: How has your life been recently, Charlie?

CD: I've been great! I'm healthier than ever and I’m looking forward to starting up some new music soon.

RH: How old were you when you got into singing or music in general?

CD: I was 5. I was imitating the singers my mom used to play on the record player all the time. Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, etc.

RH: What are your favorite bands in general?

CD: I can't even answer that without mentioning hundreds of bands.

RH: The story of your O3 Trilogy is very intriguing and complex. Was it inspired by anything in particular?

CD: Yes. The song "Honor thy Father" [by Dream Theater]. In fact the whole trilogy is a direct result of listening to that song backwards while bathing in chicken blood and chanting "I fired Mike!" over and over. Just kidding … JUST KIDDING everyone!

It was perspired, not inspired. I sweated that story out over many years of watching the events in the world unfold. It then started to come together in 2004 and was obviously finished in 2007 with part 3.

RH: How much research was required to create a story like O3?

CD: Actually I did more research on the last part than on the other two parts combined. I did some scientific research in the beginning in order to make the O3 (Ozone) part of it more plausible. The fact that O3 molecules break down and turn back into O2 when it comes in contact with other O2 molecules was the key. I figured that if there could be a catalyst of some sort that would work the opposite way, turning every O2 molecule the O3 touches into O3, and then it is feasible that it could be used as a WMD.

RH: About when would you approximate that O3 takes place in time? I mean what year in the future?

CD: Thousands of years ago. Before Adam and Eve. Or is it sometime in the near future? …I’m not really sure myself.

RH: So I hear there is a chance that you and the band Dominici could return someday. Is this true?

CD: There is a chance but I wanna wait till I grow up.

RH: What is your favorite Dream Theater album?

CD: "When Dream and Day Unite", of course! Because that’s the only one I sang on.

RH: According to Wikipedia, you’re turning 60 in June. Do you feel like you’re old, or like you still have years and years ahead of you?

CD: Who wrote that? 60? Haha, I'm not turning 60. No way am I turning 60! No freaking way! Who wrote that?

RH: What’s your favorite brand of soda?

CD: I’m really weird when it comes to soda. I like a brand that a lot of people probably never heard of. It’s called "Coca Cola". You ever had it? It's awesome! Lots of sugar and caffeine!

RH: Thanks for your time, Charlie!

CD: My pleasure, Game Boy!


So yeah, things are going well. Thanks to my amazing fan base of ten or so people for reading my blog, and thanks Mr. Dominici for letting me interview you!


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  1. hahaha, nice guy. it's been quite a while since I last saw an nterview with him.