Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dungeon Runners

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Dungeon Runners is an independent arcade PC game developed by somebody known as "Valandre". I found it from browsing, and it perked my interest.

I found the game interesting because of its cheesy graphics, arcade personality, and casual gameplay style. Any cheesy, casual, arcade game has got to be extremely fun and addicting, right? Unfortunately, this was not so.

In the game you have five heroes. You control one at a time, and every time one dies, you control the next. You explore a maze-like dungeon (randomly generated every time you play), fight monsters, and search for treasure.

Unfortunately, the game is mostly based on chance, as you have no clue whether the direction you are going in the dungeon will lead to a locked gate, a key to open a door, or a monster that will easily kill you and force to use another hero.

Though the game can be mildly entertaining, the replay value is almost nonexistent, and you won't feel like trying again if all of your heroes are killed before the end (a.k.a. you fail).

If you're up to it, you can play the game online here, though there are much better games out there.


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