Monday, January 17, 2011

Left Behind

You have no clue how many times my brother has nagged at me to read this book and start the series. That along with Harry Potter and The Hobbit (that latter of which I'm about halfway through, reading on-and-off). It has paid off well.

I actually won this book and the next seven books in the sixteen-book series (in great condition!) in a white elephant gift exchange several years ago. I did some calculating, and the first eight books in the series, when in new-like condition (which they're in) are worth about $112. Holy moley!

The Left Behind series as a whole has sold over 65 million copies, and also has spurred three film adaptions of books in the series (along with a full blockbuster-budget remake coming soon!), three video games, four spin-off series, several non-fiction books, graphic novels, and even a compilation album by several different bands that were inspired by the series.

I'd seen the first Left Behind movie at least five to seven years ago, so I knew a bit about it. I knew it had a cool story and that it was well-written. (I knew the latter from reviews from other people.)

I wasn't completely prepared for the book. It's a drama full of action and adventure. Love and repentance. Hate and lust. Grief and hope. This book indeed scared me.

In one terrible moment, millions of people across the globe vanish from existence. Everything they owned, including their clothes, were still on earth. Everything but their bodies and souls. This obviously caused a great havoc, as due to lack of drivers in vehicles and such, and thousands of other people were injured.

This must be one of the worst events in earth's history, because not a single person on the planet knew what happened. Loved ones were suddenly gone before their eyes, and every single child, even unborn babies, all disappeared seemingly into thin air.

There are two totally different people who the novel focuses on. A captain of an airplane, Rayford Steele, and a internationally famous journalist, Cameron Williams. They don't know each other, but somehow they're connected in a way the readers can't figure out. At least not at first.

There are all sorts of rumors about what happened to make millions of people disappear. From space aliens to the rapture. But after some strange discoveries, Captain Steele starts leaning towards the rapture. Maybe something spiritual really took those millions of people away to Heaven. Maybe.

Filled with action and excitement, this novel is a must-read. I say that for a lot of books, and I mean it for every one of them. I've never read a better drama in my life, and it's just the first of sixteen novels. It had an almost cliffhanger ending that made me start just the beginning of the second book, Tribulation Force, so I could settle down. This book is a fun ride.


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