Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven is a 2D platformer freeware game for the PC. In 2009, it won the award for being in the top ten independent games of the year on IndieGames.com. The main character is at the bottom of a giant tower that only a being such as God could have designed. Whoever this being is, they seem pretty impatient.

The being keeps giving new rules to the player to play by, and some of them aren't very fun. But that fact makes the game itself funner. You have far too many disabilities by the end, but that just makes the game more awesome.

-Great programming
-Great, original idea
-Changing rules
-Extremely fun
-Totally awesome music

-Too short
-Pretty darn hard
-There's a powerful being claiming to be God, who's clearly not

I'd recommend this game if you're good at 2D platformers. It's an awesome game, and worth the time.

Play Tower of Heaven Online
Download Tower of Heaven


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