Friday, March 25, 2011

Pride & Prejudice

Several students in our school got together on Tuesday, since we're on Spring Break, and we watched some movies on our giant TV. The first movie we watched was picked by the boys, and it was Sahara. The second movie we watched was picked by the girls, and it was Pride & Prejudice. Both were based off of best-selling novels, but from what I hear, Sahara didn't follow the book very well (I haven't read the books for either).

You could tell the obvious difference between movie genres. Sahara was full of action, adventure, and a lot of bad guys shooting at the good guys. Pride & Prejudice was full of drama, humor, and some romance. Okay, they both had their extremely funny moments, but I laughed a lot more during Pride & Prejudice. This may be partially because I laughed several times just because the girls were laughing, even though I didn't get what was funny.

Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed Pride & Prejudice better of the two movies, even though the boys were pretty much forced to watch it. I guess I'm just the type of person who can occasionally put my manliness aside and do something different. I used to actually be more of a girl than a boy. Five or six years ago on New Years Eve, I was even called a "Tom Girl" by a girl. It's just because it took me far too long to grow up.

Yeah, that's right, I took too long to grow up. Not many people know, but I still played with my stuffed animals when I was eight. Embarrassing, eh? I was just a young kid back then, and it was hard to transfer to being a normal boy. But then again, eventually, I grew up and now consider myself more mature than the average 14-year-old.

How is this related to the movie? I'm just saying that because I was once a girly kid, I can sometimes forget who I am and enjoy movies and such that I otherwise wouldn't care for as much.

Now Pride & Prejudice was very well-done. The main family had five daughters (and they were all played by actresses totally unrelated to each other), and they all looked really similar. That obviously means the people who made the movie knew how to pick actresses that looked alike (LOL).

The story was a drama, as mentioned, and based off a classic. There were some really good acting jobs done by many actors and actresses including Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Rosamund Pike, Simon Woods, and Donald Sutherland (who also did a really good job of acting in the 1976 film adaption of The Eagle Has Landed).

The story was pretty good, the humor was . . . humorous, and overall I liked the movie. Sahara just had so much shooting and action, and I didn't even like it that much the first time I watched it.


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  1. Playing with stuffed animals at age 8 is nothing strange. And I'd not call you girly, you just don't care about being manly. After all, you like Dream Theater, Theocracy, and Dominici. Not girly at all. You are special because you are a Horst. Michael and I are the same way.