Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Crush

Seriously, when I first saw this book on the library shelf, I thought it was a romance novel. It had to be. From the title and cover, what else could it be? I opened the book and flipped through the pages, and somehow it seemed interesting to me. That's why I read it.

I can tell you, this is not a romance novel. It's a psychopathic thriller about a serial killer and someone who's part of the police force (well, he'd argue otherwise) who's trying to stop the killer. Sounds like a normal novel to me.

The serial killer is not actually a serial killer. Well, I'd say part-time. His main focus is paid killing. "Give me a hundred thousand bucks and I'll kill so-and-so for you" killing. His name is Ricky Roy Lozada, and he's well-known for being a contract killer. Why hasn't he ever been thrown in jail? Nobody's ever found evidence that he's a killer. Everyone just knows it, except for the people who have say.

This story was surprisingly well-written, and I loved it. I wouldn't recommend it to many people I know, though, due to frequent swearing, many inappropriate jokes, and all-too-descriptive sex scenes. The main character, Wick Threadgill, happens to have a very annoying personality and also happens to be the one who swears the most and makes the most crude jokes. I sort of started to like him a little bit by the end, but he was still far too annoying.

The plot was what I thought made the novel worth-while to me. It was very thought-out and presented just perfectly. It ran at just the perfect pace, and had an ending that made you happy.

This book, I'll say, was great. Just be cautious about reading it. I guess you can skip through the sex scenes, if all else fails.

Anyway, have a nice day, and goodbye. Wasn't I going to start writing shorter reviews?


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