Thursday, December 23, 2010

Deep Magic

Deep Magic is a game created by the almighty Excalibur333. Just kidding, he's not almighty.

Deep Magic is a 2-dimensional platformer game about a wizard who must stop a giant, evil beast. Sound familiar? Well the story isn't that original. You level up by collecting exp that you get from defeating enemies. The higher level you are, the more spells you can use.

The game has five levels and a boss. It's fun for a while, but eventually you need to start leveling up a lot before proceeding. That can get very boring, but it's super satisfying once you get higher spells. It makes your job a lot easier.

You can get up to 20 different spells. Some are very different from others, and the really unique ones are the later ones you unlock.

I can't say I've use all of the spells myself, because they're not all necessary. They're optional, and actually you could, theoretically, beat the entire game with the very first spell. I would definitely not recommend trying, though.

The music and graphics are fitting. Overall, this is a pretty cool game. That is, if you don't mind grinding for a while.

-Fun, addictive gameplay
-Large variety of spells
-Fitting (and sorta cute) graphics and music

-Only five levels, not including the boss
-A lot of time goes into moving up levels
-Hard difficulty later on

Download Deep Magic on YoYoGames


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