Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's about time I got this back up. This is my . . . second game that I consider worthy of actually being made.

BlankLand was the result of my attempt at a reasonable game for the YoYoGames Competition #05. Although much time and work went into this, I still think people will just grumble and say it's just another Jumper clone.

-45+ Levels
-Working, well-programmed gameplay
-Kinda cool music (it fits, so it works)

You are a stickman. No story. I know you're all extremely disappointed that there is no story, but it's the sad, sad truth.

Stuff the the tutorial doesn't tell you:
-In the menu, you use up and down to navigate, a space to select
-It saves after every level
-Ice is slippery

This was a collaboration between myself and my good friend Ethan Kilgore. We both did a good share of programming, and we both deserve credit. The music was done by a nice chap named Ness2022 (via GMG), and the credits music was from Yngwie Malmsteen. The track was titled "Farewell".

Enjoy, though I must warn you that it's hard!


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