Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome, World!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Reuben Horst, aka Arkatox. I'm 14 years old, and a Christian. I was home-schooled through 8th grade, and I now go to a private high school. People at my school praise me for my writing and editing skills, and some people call me a genius (though I'm not). This happens to be my fourth personal blog. Yes, there is a reason for that.

My very first personal blog was at A while later I realized that Arkie's Blog was a piece of junk, so I made a new blog, which was at That one lasted the longest, but alas, Changjy announced that they would be closing down and merging with their sister site, So I quickly copied all of the posts I wanted to keep, quite a few, actually, to a new blog I created,

That worked really well . . . until Choseit went offline for several months. When it came back, somehow my Blog was deleted, and the 'Contact' section on their site didn't work, so I couldn't tell them.

So now I've lost almost all of my blog data, so I'll have to restart with almost nothing. The reason I chose to use BlogSpot this time is because, from what I've heard, it's a reliable host. I can't say the same for Changjy/Choseit/whatever their other sister site was.

Here is a list of books and games that I reviewed on my past blogs, as far as I can remember:

The Martyr's Song
Invitation to the Game
The Da Vinci Code

An Untitled Story
Castle of Elite
Super Mario Galaxy 2


Q. Why is this your fourth blog?
A. If you'd read what I've written above, you'd know.

Q. Why are you using Blogger/BlogSpot this time?
A. As I stated above, the past hosts that I've used have been unreliable. From what I've heard, this host is.

Q. Why is your new URL rjhorst, when in the past it was just rhorst?
A. Because there is already a blog at

Q. Are you planning on reposting the short stories you've written?
A. Yes, and the other two short stories by other people that I posted on my other blogs.

Q. Where do you live? What's your phone number? What's you e-mail address?
A. Go away, you stalker!

So yes, that's all for now. See ya around!


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